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I'm a n00b. I wrote this story, I hope you like it.

Title: Father
Author: Fangface27 or Fangu.
Rating: PG
Characters: Syaoran's father (technically male OC), Syaoran, Sakura and a mention of Tomoyo.
Genre: Angst?

“I wish I could’ve…” Syaoran nodded his head, understandingly.
“He must’ve been a lot like you.” Syaoran sniffed.
“No, he was much kinder.” The words were smooth as ice.
Sakura sighed. He has changed so much.
“I must return to Tomoeda. My flight leaves soon.” Why had she thought of Tomoyo at that moment?
She had missed Tomoyo while in Hong Kong.
Sakura started to walk towards the cemetery gate as a single isolated teardrop fell down Syaoran’s cheek.
It landed, noiselessly, on his father’s grave.
And the worst part of it was… her love for him was dead too.

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