angry female EXTREMIST (a_white_rain) wrote in ccsdrabbles,
angry female EXTREMIST


I'm new here as well as the Card Captor Sakura fandom. Not new, but new with fan fiction. Here is my first post:

Title: Awkward
Authoer: (Yami) White Rain
Paring: TomoyoxSakura

It was still somewhat awkward, which was strange because they’ve been friends for years. But things seemed different after they decided to start dating.

Tomoyo had finally admitted her feelings toward Sakura.

Sakura had been surprised, to say the least. What was even more surprising was that Sakura had felt the same. It didn’t dawn on her right away.

Tomoyo looked shyly at Sakura; “may I kiss you, Sakura-chan?”

Sakura blushed and nodded.

Tomoyo leaned over and brushed her lips over Sakura’s.

Sakura smiled; suddenly things didn’t seem so weird anymore. “Let’s go to the zoo! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the penguins.”

“Okay,” Tomoyo said. Some things never change, I suppose.
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