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Cardcaptor Sakura Drabbles

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Drabble- (n) a very small fic, about 100 words, give or take a few.

CardCaptor Sakura- (n) If you do not know what this is, this is *not* a community for you.

Cardcaptor Sakura Drabbles is a community just for CCS drabbles. You wanna join? Great! Every week we'll post a new topic, challenge, quote, etc to get you started. At least, we'll try... ^^' Please post that week as well, cause, yeah.

Please give titles, characters and ratings with all drabbles. Genre would be good too. Please put all drabbles in LJ cuts to save space on the group page as well. xiexie. ^_^

Go here to check your word count: http://imbrium.kenzia.com/hp100/wordcount.html
(is too lazy to put behind a link)

Have fun!